BSC has designed and fielded several innovative projects that support the military and commercial simulator industry. BSC continues to evaluate potential advanced products to support virtual training for the Military Objective Force in the future.

Sample listing of BSC’s products includes

TCAS 7.0 and 7.1:

BSC has designed a high fidelity and cost-effective TCAS product that can be integrated into any simulator with minimal down time. The BSC TCAS will work all major TCAS indicators and is a proven success story with over 50 devices installed.

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Ethernet Interface Replacement of Link AST Maser Controller DMA Interface Cards:

To meet the needs of the Link AST operators, BSC has developed a single Ethernet interface circuit card that replaces the DMA1 and DMA2 cards in the Master Controller chassis without modification to the rest of the master controller. The AST Ethernet Interface Card provides the capability to control Link AST I/O, and motion and control loading equipment through inexpensive, modern communications equipment in the host computer. The Ethernet Interface Replacement card proves a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface between the Host Computer and the Master Controller.

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